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Wateshed HR Solutions is being launched by Steven Mendelssohn a practicing lawyer and former VP of Human Resources and Labour Relations at the Oshawa Group (Currently Sobey’s) and Loblaw Companies Limited.

The Watershed Group of Companies has been offering Consulting and Legal Advice to a wide variety of clients across many segments of the economy, including extensive experience within the Business Community. From his experience with his clients, Steve has learned that poor advice or mistakes can lead to significant issues, most of which are entirely preventable, including the Unionization of a number of businesses.

Don’t place your business at risk of losing value by mismanaging employee issues or by running the risk of having significant legal issues and the expenses associated with dealing with litigation, union organizing, Human Rights issues, and more.

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Steve Mendelssohn
President & Principal at Watershed Law Professional Corporation.

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Watershed HR Solutions provides a low-cost, subscription-based service that can be tailored to your specific needs. We have the flexibility to offer best-in-class HR advice and programs for you and your staff, regardless of the size of your business.

Your Watershed HR subscription includes:

Unlimited access to all information, templates and how-to advice

Legislative updates, newsletters and HR trends

 Phone/email consultations with an HR consultant

Our comprehensive library of information covers a wide range of HR topics, with content valued at well over $10,000.00. Feel free to browse our list of covered topics below.


The Need for Attendance Management

Purpose of a Program

Types of Absenteeism

Excessive Absenteeism

Effective Attendance Management Programs


What is the AODA?

Why do we need AODA?

AODA Standards

Employment Standards

Compliance Reporting

AODA Monetary Penalties


Determining Salary Increases

Salary Increase Options

2019 Wage Increases

Total Compensation


Conducting a Termination Meeting

Termination of Employment


The Employee Relations Handbook


What is the ESA?

Application of the ESA

Status of Independent Contractors Under the ESA

The ESA’s Complaints Process

Important ESA Standards


What is Health & Safety?

Health & Safety Orientation & Representatives

Fire/Personal Protection Equipment

Rights, Duties & Responsibilities

Workplace Inspections

Workplace & Incident Investigations

Emergency Plan

Critical Injuries

Joint Health & Safety Committee


What is the Ontario Human Rights Commission?

Prohibited Grounds

Discrimination in the Workplace

Duty to Accommodate

Undue Hardship

Workplace Harassment

Workplace Investigations

Common Examples of Discrimination


What is Labour Relations?

The Organizing Drive

Signs of Organizing Activity

Organizing Campaign Communication

The Certification Process

Application for Certification Response

The Vote

Application for De-Certification


What is Performance Management?

The Performance Management Process

Developmental Plans

Helpful Hints


Preliminary Screening

Interview Guide

Candidate Assessments

Probationary Review

Closing the Recruitment File

Orientation Guide

Exit Interview


Workplace Policies

Mandatory Policies

Recommended Policies

Enforcing Policies

HR Support, Reinvented

Employee issues are rarely black and white. Getting the right solutions for your business - one that combines expert advice and specialized guidance - is crucial in today's increasingly-complex and competitive business environment.

Watershed HR Solutions Inc. provides the Business Community with a low-cost, subscription-based HR service. Our web-based information, easy-to-use templates and forms are customized for the Business Community, and every client is supported by an HR Specialist for email or telephone consultation.

Under the Watershed Group umbrella, Watershed HR Solutions provides one-stop shopping for all your HR needs; including consulting or legal representation through Watershed Law Professional Corporation.

Costly employee issues
Litigation threats
Harassment cases
Unionization challenges

Positive climate
Profit increase
Improved employee morale
Ability to focus on business

Drive Employee Engagement
and Mitigate Legal Risks

Positive Employee Relations Greater Productivity Improved Employee Morale Legally Compliant Templates and Documentation Legislative Updates and Newsletters Cost Effective HR Support One Stop Support for all Employee Issues

Risks Associated with Employee Issues Searching for Expert, Specialized Support The Need to Focus on Time Consuming Employee Issues The Need for Multiple Service Providers

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